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Save your Time

Coming up with new marketing content can be a huge time sink. Spell automates the writing process and produces high-quality copy consistently and quickly.

Save your Money

Quality content comes at a price. Professional content writers often charge upwards of $80 per hour. Spell provides you the same benefits – at a fraction of the cost!

Save your Effort

Writing marketing copy can be tough. You need to write, edit, re-write – over and over again. Save all this effort by using Spell – so you can focus on growing your business!
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Write Content that Converts

Your content isn't converting the way you want it to. It's not generating traffic, it's lacking engagement, and you're not getting the conversions you need.

Spell is trained in the most effective conversions tactics in the industry. Spell automatically applies these tactics to your content so you can boost conversions and drive more traffic.

“Consistently surprised by how good the AI generations are. In many cases they convert better than what I'd have written – mindblowing!”

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Brian Lu, Marketing Agency Owner
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Scale your team with AI

You're facing content crunch – the demand for content has increased exponentially to the point where your team feels the burn. It has led to resource burnout, uninspired teams, and dysfunctional workflows.

Spell helps you scale your marketing team by automating tedious tasks – so that your team can focus on what really matters: creative and strategic thinking.

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Say Goodbye to Writer's Block

Staring at the blinking cursor. The hours you spend trying to think up the perfect line. The frustration of knowing you're really good at writing, but being unable to produce anything.

Worry no longer — With Spell's AI-powered suggestions, you'll never be stuck for words again.

“I was wondering when I would find someone using GPT-3 AI to do marketing writing. Spell provides a very interesting as a way to start off new projects. ”

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Stephan Bell, Founder
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For all your content needs!

12+ content templates that you can use. New templates added every week.

Website Copy

Multi sentence descriptions for your website optimised to increase conversions.

E-Commerce Descriptions

Specialised description for your e-commerce store pages.

Google Search Ads

Well optimised ad copy to help you get the clicks for your product.

Creative Startup Names

Creative and inspiring names for your brand, startup or new business.

Facebook Ads

Relevant Facebook ad copy to drive your audience to your store.

Creative Taglines

Short, punchy taglines that inspire action for your brand.

Content Ideas

Various marketing ideas to spark your creativity.

Blog Ideas

Ideas for blogs that are relevant to your audience.

Blog Introduction

An great introduction to your blog designed to engage and inspire.

Feature – Benefit

A feature-benefit statement to help promote your product or service.

Problem – Agitate – Solve

Identify your user's pain point. Visualize the implication. Deliver a solution.


Writing tool to help you reword your copy to be more engaging.

Blog Outline

A step by step plan for your blog post to take you from introduction to conclusion.

AIDA Framework

This framework will help you map out your messaging to increase conversions.

Before – After – Bridge

Technique for writing copy that is easier to read and understand.

Star – Chain – Hook

Formula that focuses on the 'What' of your message, to increase understanding.

Call to Action

Catchy call to action text for your product or business.


Compelling offers your customers cannot refuse.

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